Hollywood and “regular America” continue to march in opposite directions. As if the seemingly-daily revelations of sexual misdeeds by powerful men in Tinseltown isn’t doing enough to drive a wedge between the entertainment elite and the folks on whom that same elite rely to buy tickets to their films, there is also the matter of just what message many actors endeavor to send by the role choices they make. Take A-list actress Sandra Bullock. According to an article over at Variety, Bullock has agreed to star in Let Her Speak, a film that will pay homage to former Texas state... Read more →

It seems that some people really don’t like it when President Trump gets on Twitter. On Wednesday, Rodong Sinmun, the state-run North Korean newspaper that serves as the official media organ of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, announced that the U.S. president had been “sentenced to death by the Korean people” following his most recent jab at Kim Jong-un on Twitter. The editorial statement declaring the death sentence begins as follows: “Trump betrayed his true colors as an old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject during his one night and two days stay in South Korea.”... Read more →

Judd Apatow says they’re just beginning. The Hollywood sex scandals, that is. Not the scandals themselves, actually, but the revelations about them. Apatow, the man behind a variety of popular films, including Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Superbad, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, told the Hollywood news website Deadline in a recent interview that “a lot more” is going to emerge from the cesspool. “This has been happening since the creation of the movie business—watch the documentary about Marilyn Monroe,” Apatow said. “The old studio heads expected all these women to sleep with... Read more →

Word comes from the Christian Post that a federal judge in Houston is ready to end FEMA’s long-standing policy of not permitting religious institutions to receive federal disaster aid grants. Three Houston, Texas-area churches – Harvest Family Church, Hi-Way Tabernacle, and Rockport First Assembly of God – sued FEMA in September over the prohibition. The churches were instrumental in providing badly-needed relief to local residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and are still providing Harvey-related services to this day. Now, federal judge Keith Ellison has decided that FEMA has until December 1 to decide if it’s going to change... Read more →

Clearly, Alabama voters aren’t buying what the Washington Post is selling. A JMC Analytics poll of Alabama voters has revealed something rather interesting: 29 percent of the respondents said they are “more likely” to vote for U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore in the wake of the Post story that alleges he engaged in sexual relationships with four teenage girls when he was in his 30s. More likely? While some disingenuous folks – who surely know better – are actually trying to spin the survey results to suggest they imply such sexual misconduct is held in high regard by Alabamians, it’s... Read more →

O.J. Simpson’s parole seems to be off to a rather inauspicious start. Evidently putting on hold, for now, the search for the real killers of ex-wife Nicole Brown and companion Ronald Goldman, Simpson was able to find some time to…allegedly…cause trouble at a Las Vegas bar last week. As reported by the New York Post, “The Juice” was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel because he was liquored up and causing trouble. The hotel further issued a trespass notice to Simpson, which acts to permanently ban the former NFL star from the premises. While details about precisely what happened remain... Read more →

Sean Hannity interviewed now-embattled Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore last week on his nationally syndicated daily radio program. And this week, as reported by Business Insider, several advertisers have already said they’ll no longer air spots on the Fox News’ TV show Hannity in response. So what happened? Last week, Sean Hannity wanted to give Moore an opportunity to tell his side of the story and otherwise answer the charges that he had entered into sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s. So he gave the candidate a platform, by way of his radio show.... Read more →

Privacy advocate and author Liz McIntyre joins Jim Paris Live to discuss her book Spychips. How are we being tracked through the use of RFID chips? What measures can you take to protect yourself from scams and thieves? Could RFID be a precursor to he Mark Of The Beast? Could blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin be integrated with RFID chips? Does it ever make sense to embed chips in animals or children? Have the new chipped credit cards raised the risk of RFID theft? Read more →

I am sitting at Starbucks, attracting an array of curious looks as passersby see me reading my advance copy of Michael Savage's latest book: God, Faith, And Reason. If I had to guess, it is likely their astonishment in seeing Savage's picture above the words God and Faith, but who knows? I have listened to Michael Savage on the radio for years. I honestly don't know how anyone can not like the guy. You may not agree with all of his views or his politics, but he has one very unique trait: honesty (or as he puts it, psychological nudity).... Read more →

Those goofy millennials are at it again. Now, a bunch of them have decided they’d be better off living under a communist regime. Because they have so much personal experience with communism, apparently. Honestly, the best part of poll results like this is that it makes it so much easier – and, in turn, more justifiable – to completely discount anything these people have to say. Mrctv.org is reporting on the results of the survey conducted by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C. According to the numbers gathered by the organization, half of... Read more →

OK, so this seems a bit revealing. ABC affiliate WBMA hit the streets on Friday in search of voters in Columbiana, Alabama, wanting to get a feel for what they thought of all the controversy now surrounding the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in that state, Roy Moore. Moore, as you surely know by now, is alleged to have engaged in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls several decades ago, when the candidate was in his 30s…and the girls were, well, not. The accusations were originally reported last week by the Washington Post. As it turns out, according to Infowars.com,... Read more →

Physicist Stephen Hawking, speaking at a technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal recently, took the opportunity to detail some of his distinct concerns regarding the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) across the globe. As noted by The Christian Post, Hawking made his comments just as Saudi Arabia declared it had become the first nation to actually grant citizenship to a humanoid robot. Noting that computers have the ability to not only “emulate human intelligence,” but “exceed it,” Hawking said ominously that AI could end up being the “worst event in the history of civilization” if humans don’t retain the ability to... Read more →

When you didn’t mean to be this truthful…but just couldn’t help yourself. The Sacramento Bee reports that California Governor Jerry Brown was at the Vatican recently to address religious leaders (huh?), and spoke on the matter of that obviously compelling spiritual topic known as climate change. Even better than the fact Brown was there at all…is what he had to say about changing the attitudes of rest of the world – and, more specifically, of world leaders – toward the subject of climate change. Obviously frustrated that much of the globe still does not see the problem as he and... Read more →

They sure are getting tough at those network standards and practices offices about what counts as a curse word. Apparently, now, Jesus is a name that cannot be said on television without being bleeped out. That’s right – Jesus. When Paula Faris, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” was recently discussing – along with the other co-hosts – the results of a recent poll that found most Britons believe just six of the Ten Commandments are “relevant” in the present day, she had occasion to use the Savior’s names “Jesus Christ” and “Jesus”…and when she did so, they did not pass... Read more →

Let’s get right to it – one of the most common questions by people with no credit is how to build credit. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything elaborate to get started on the road to accessing the kind of buying power that will one day allow you to purchase a nice home for your family, or enjoy the multitude of other benefits that come with having a bona fide credit history. In fact, it’s really pretty simple, according to an article over at Bankrate.com that details five easy ways to enter the club of... Read more →