Apparently, the protest kneeling of athletes in the U.S., most prominently on display by members of American teams, is catching on in other parts of the world. On Saturday morning, the players and coaches on the Hertha Berlin soccer team kneeled prior to the start of the Bundesliga game against Schalke, in a show of solidarity with their American sports counterparts. The protest was clearly an official position of the team itself, as evidenced by the words of the Hertha stadium announcer, who announced to the fans, “Hertha BSC stands for diversity and against violence. For this reason, we are... Read more →

Every year does an article on seasonal job openings. We have found that many of our readers have a great deal of interest in seasonal positions. First, everyone needs extra money around the holidays. Secondly, those that work in retail enjoy employee discounts at just the perfect time for the gift giving season. Lastly, many of these seasonal jobs can become regular ongoing part time or even full time jobs. We have also expanded our coverage to include work from home seasonal jobs. Our local Target has the above flyers displayed at each checkout lane and even a special... Read more →

And it gets weirder still. According to a report by the celebrity news website TMZ, Harvey Weinstein, in his capacity as co-chairman of The Weinstein Company (TWC), was essentially permitted, by virtue of his employment contract, to engage in the sexual harassment behavior for which he has now become so well-known. Although the employment agreement would certainly not protect Weinstein from any potential civil or criminal action initiated by an alleged victim or prosecuting authority, it seems to do a pretty good job of insulating him from job loss resulting from the very behavior that did see him get fired... Read more →

How quickly things change. While the NFL was instinctively supportive (though not enthusiastically so) of national anthem protest among the player ranks, the outcry at, resistance to, and even anger toward kneeling players on the part of fans has prompted those presiding over the game to think twice about their embrace of a social justice narrative. In addition to expressing vocal, and virulent, objections to the protests, fans are avoiding watching games altogether, leaving stadium seats empty and TV viewership on the decline. Well, if NFL leadership didn’t get the message before, it seems clear they have it now. According... Read more →

And, once again, the left is eating its own. It often happens when someone on the left does something perceived as so egregious – and so much in violation of another principle seen as near and dear to progressives – that the cannibalization simply cannot be avoided. Such is the case in the matter of Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood power player who apparently used – like pieces of gym equipment – countless numbers of young ladies who came to Tinseltown in search of fulfilling their dreams of stardom. As noted by The Daily Caller, one decidedly leftist news network, CNN, simply... Read more →

One of the stereotypes many have of the mega-successful business titans is that they are born to succeed; that they have all the answers, basically from the get-go, and cast a long shadow that envelops everyone around them. Well, there’s one super-successful guy who thinks it’s vulnerability, of all things, that makes for a champ in business. Howard Schultz gave up his role as CEO of Starbucks back in April 2017, but during the 30 years he was at the helm, the company grew to have over 25,000 locations throughout 75 countries. And what does this business giant see as... Read more →

As reported by several media outlets, including Fox News, Vice President Mike Pence was back home in Indiana this past weekend to watch the NFL matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers, but walked out of the game after several members of the 49ers elected to protest the national anthem in the way that has become fashionable recently. Pence later tweeted the following statement: “I left today’s Colts game because President Trump and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem. At at time when so many Americans are inspiring... Read more →

There’s tone deaf…and then there’s tone deaf. This, clearly, was the latter. The iconic soap maker Dove has found itself in some rather hot water after deploying a Facebook ad that was almost universally seen as racist, particularly given today’s social sensibilities. As reported by The Christian Post, the ad, posted Saturday, was created on behalf of a new campaign for the company’s body wash, and shows a black woman using the product, removing her brown shirt, and magically transforming into a white woman. Yikes. The ad has long since been removed, of course. In a statement on its Facebook... Read more →

Good ol’ California. So much of what that state does now would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad. And downright dangerous; like this: As reported by the Los Angeles Times, and courtesy of the California legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown, it is now no longer a felony to intentionally expose a sex partner to the HIV virus. Now, it’s just a misdemeanor. The new law, SB 239, which takes effect January 1, 2018, is nothing short of stunning. Not only does it apply to sexual activity, but to the act of giving blood. For example, a person who is... Read more →

Brandon Webb is a digital publishing and e-commerce business owner who has spoken with the folks over at Entrepreneur magazine through the years about his experiences as a business owner. But Brandon Webb is something else, something that has great relevance right now in light of the recent, terrible shooting event in Las Vegas. Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL. As a matter of fact, in his capacity as a SEAL, Webb had the opportunity to train some of the military’s most dangerous snipers, including the legendary Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame. Webb recently shared with Entrepreneur his... Read more →

Erasing history doesn’t come cheap. An article over at Fox News is highlighting just how expensive it has been for municipalities to remove Confederate monuments all across America, a cost that has only exacerbated the controversy over the purges. For example, in San Antonio, Texas, the removal of a single Confederate statue last month from a city park cost just over a quarter of a million dollars. The city of Dallas, Texas recently rid itself of a statue of Robert E. Lee. The price tag on that effort? Around $450,000. Dallas, which now has something called the Confederate Task Force... Read more →

In a survey that addressed the growing deployment of robots in society, Pew Research has revealed that Americans, by and large, have serious misgivings about the increasing role the machines appear to be playing in everyday life. According to The Guardian, over 4,000 Americans were polled by Pew, and greater than 70 percent of those expressed concern, in one way or another, about the continuing trend to have robots replace humans in a variety of capacities. The Pew survey queried respondents on the influence of robots in four areas: As autonomous (self-driving) cars; as substitutes for human workers; as decision-makers... Read more →

On this episode, author and pastor Carl Gallups joins Jim to discuss his new book, Gods And Thrones - Nachash, Forgotten Prophecy, And The Return Of The Elohim. What really happened in the garden of Eden? Who are the Elohim? Do angels have a physical form and are they walking the earth today? What will believers be doing for eternity? What is the significance of the recent return to the worship of Baal? Are we living in the very last days? and much more. Read more →

On this episode, investigative reporter Laura Loomer joins Jim live from Las Vegas. Loomer discusses a myriad of unanswered questions and suspicious circumstances surrounding the Las Vegas shooting. Were there two people served room service in the shooter's room? Why did it take so long for first responders to locate the shooter's room? Is ISIS ultimately behind the attack? What other evidence found in the room gives us a clue that a very experienced shooter was involved? Where is the security camera footage? In the second half, Jim explores the murky finances of the shooter and the more than 200... Read more →