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December 24, 2007



I love Phil ...but those pastors with luxury private jets, mansions, helicopters that claim non-profit status are the ones I want to see investigated even more. They (and their 'ministries') are rich enough to pay full taxes just like everyone.

Its no longer a "church" ministry when select members of the group are living lavishly as the the expense of the tax payer.

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I love Phill. Welcome back. I am sure you will surely finish up what God has called you to do in your life time.

Bishop William Paul

Department of Justice by way of the IRS
Congress passed the Pension Act of 2006 to revoke more than 300,000
Nonprofit tax-Exempt Organization Status
with a $100,000.00 fine and one year imprisonment for failure to file
3,000,000.00 More Convictions to come in all States.
(See: IRS.Gov. for varies Organization name and address)
Alabama-Sentencing April 30, 2012
Alert your participation is needed
Please respond: APRIL 20, 2012 @
Pages 1 of 2
TAX-EXEMPT STATUS REVOKED 2010 and Criminal Conviction in 2011
On December 1, 2011, Bishop William Paul, of Peachtree City GA., a VOLUNTEER on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of Children and Adult Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, Inc (An Alabama Corporation) was the first person in America to be CONVICTED: Department of Justice, IRS and a JURY FOR TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION’S FAILURE TO FILE IRS 990 FORM IN 2007.

Congress passed the Pension Act of 2006
There have been more than 17,000 IRS codes added since 2007, including Section 6033(j) (2)
and (3).
Congress passed the Pension Act of 2006 to revoke the nonprofit tax-exempt status of organizations that fail to file a IRS 990 Form and gave these organization, after three years of non- filing, an opportunity to be reinstated with future instructions regarding future filing. Since 2010, the IRS has revoked the nonprofit status more than 380,000 non profit tax exempt organizations.
Note: According to Dr. Ken Lawhorn, president & CEO of Lawhorn & Company Internationl, Inc. accounting firm, who I had the opportunity to speak with on April 5, 2012, he states in his 30 years of practicing accounting, he has never heard of anything of this nature. His website is
Since 2005, (Publication 557 pg. 8 and 25) we were under the impression by IRS (IRS EO advised the corporation to read publications 557, 517, 17 and IRS 990 instruction---see previous written response to EO and Commissioner of IRS) that Children and Adult Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, Inc was an integrated auxiliary of Church on the Road, Inc., and not required to file. However, on December 1, 2011, Bishop Paul, was convicted of failure to file a 990 form for Children and Adult Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, Inc., a nonprofit tax exempt organization in 2007.
Although, the corporation, Children and Adult Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, Inc filed for reinstatement, Bishop Paul a volunteer director was the only person in the United States to be convicted by the Department of Justice by way of the IRS for the corporation’s failure to file a 990 tax form in 2007 with a $100,000.00 fine and one year imprisonment.
Alabama-Sentencing April 30, 2012.

Bruce Heil

Welcome Home,Phil,my brother. I know our tax cheat Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner was not prosecuted. I wondered why but know the answer. Phil was wrongfully prosecuted. May God turn that which was meant for evil, for Phil's good.


Unfortunately, I was not aware of this tax issue until now but I am not shocked that the gov't would target the very best of us to persecute. There has always been something very special about Phil Dirscoll and there is no one on the planet who creates music that so obviously is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Although I am very late, no one will ever convince me that Phil Driscoll is not one of the most blessed and holy men of God in the World.

God Bless You and Your Family.


A Flat tax on consumption of goods purchased would make life much easier.Everybody that has a job or makes any kind of money lives in fear that they are breaking a tax law. The system we have now is broken. It is a sin when great people like Phil Driscole have to spend time in prison. Maybe they should ask Warren Buffet to pay the 1 billion in taxes his companies owe the government.


I agree that real investigation should be the IRS under scrutiny to produce a clearly 'interpretable' tax code. It's often less 'sloppy accounting' but sloppy parameters from the IRS for us to decipher ....intentionally so? Proverbs says, 'surely in vain is the net spread in the sight of any bird'...but when it IS apparent, it can be avoided ...with our tax code, it is so indistinct at times....their crime? Typically, merely the inability to master the intricacies of the complex tax system. May God derive greater glory still and further His kingdom even more so through what has transpired.

sherry brown

Praise God!!! Phil is an anointed man of God - not surprised the 'world' came against him, but greater is He within us than he that is in the world and we shall overcome!!!! Welcome back to us - and as always you've never left THE KINGDOM!!!! <>< + + +

Iliya B A

praise be to God!!! welcome home Phil

Jim Mundy

I love Phill. Welcome back. I am sure you will surely finish up what God has called you to do in your life time.

Brian Lynch

Welcome home Phil Driscoll. You were certaintly missed God bless you and your family. When you are ready we will be glad and blessed to have you back. You are a specially Anointed man of God keep praising His Name. Brian Ypsilanti, Michigan


You know it's been a while since I sent the post preceding this one about the "judge" sentencing Phil and resolving what the jury decided, and all the rest about Phil's decision to just "get it over". What I finally saw after about 30 days of pondering, was that we want to hear from teachers...not explainers. What's the point if we all don't learn something everyday, and I do forgive the "judge" , his job and all, I also forgive Phil, even though he only was doing what a million other people do every year,...Phil's day was there, he took the hit, now you are going to have to deal with this just like Martha Stewart. They come back more alive than ever before. That's American.



I have been watching Phil Driscoll for many years, and always saw his heart, and as most fans they are like mothers...they can forgive anything...they want to trust blindly as hatchers do... so what I saw was blind justice, from a seeing bound for hell judge, ....we all think we are right in our own eyes...

this issue was so out of place in comparison...may God forgive us all of our sins....and to cast the first stone...?? I would surely have walked away.


Robert Allen

Hi James,

I had my identity stolan from a "paster" and the debt incurred was $68,000. I let his wife use my car and they were not paying their rent to me. Later I found out they moved to Florida taking the car and also using me as the guaranter on a meriad of loans and leases along with a credit card. He also was using my name in Florida as he even took my Costco membership using a fake address. The police did nothing. He also did the same to others.
Now, why can't I get the attention I deserve as the IRS? Because the police called me and the dectective said there isn't any money to extridite, try and put this man in jail. (I later found out his cousin is a deputy sherriff.) The police tore up my complaint later and said I was delusional and that I made up the whole story even with hard evidence. Now when the IRS creates a case like this it seems to me they should drop it for $15000. Wy can't they take a loss for $50000. Tit-for-tat: I would like to know how much I paid for this case rediculous case.


Any matured & discerning christian wiil recogise attacks from the pit of hell on choice ministers of God, such as recent one on Phil Driscoll.

What really counts is our record before the SUPREME JUDGE OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE! !

On behalf the christian community in Nigeria. i say we love you and we will keep in our prayers.

Weeeeeelcoooooomeeeeeeeeee ! ! !


She Loves Jesus

Welcome home Phil is right! You're truly a man of God and even today, you are convered by His blood and in spite of what Satan "tried" to do to you, our God will be glorified now and forever more! WE ARE THE WINNERS IN JESUS' NAME!

God's blessings to you and yours!


I am a real estate broker with 3o yrs experience. Called the IRS 3 times in one day with a question. each time I got a different answer. The system needs fixing.

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