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January 14, 2008


Bible Lover

Praise Jesus! I agree with Mr. Paris! Homosexuality is known to cause AIDS, child abuse, and suicide, and I'm glad that Mr. Paris and his friends had the courage to point this out and be public about it. We need to take big steps to stop gay people from destroying the moral integrity of marriage and child-rearing. I also agree with Mr. Paris that this is a last stand. We have to use every resource we have to put an end to homosexuality and protect America and Christians from gays and Muslims and mormons. Praise God, and bravo, Mr. Paris!

Credit Card Application

A married couple does pay less in estate taxes than a gay couple. First, a married individual can inherit an unlimited amount of assets upon the death of a spouse without any estate taxes. As a result, there is a distinct advantage to legally being married when dealing with estate tax issues.

Time after time I see suffering and heartache that could be avoided, if only people would follow a few simple rules that govern all solid relationships. Read more on my site.


It is simply put that legalizing same sex marriage would be authenticating perversion. If this is made legal, all forms of perversion will make a stand for their right of perverted behavior. Do you want incest, child molestation, rape, murder, made legal. We already have the murder of BABIES in the womb of a mother as a legal genocidal way of eliminating a night of ilicit sexual behavior. It is very much in the interest of all people to reconsider the ramifications for not standing up the such people groups as the ACLU. May Jehovah Bless each person and family that prays and stands for moral behavior. Thank you

jessa burdett

I'm attracted to religion because it teaches us to be non-judgemental. I find this post and the linked previous article to be quite judgemental. I think children raised by homosexual parents in a loving relationship would have a better foundation for becoming less judgemental adults--and that is what our country really needs.

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