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September 16, 2008



It might work. But those people would need some other form of income so that they would sit in their newly bought homes and starve. Maybe they could rent the places out and get some money that way. Also, they better have good fire insurance.

But under the right conditions it just might work.


Good post.That would help those of us who are getting close to retirement to invest some of our 401k funds to good use...

Paul Heinzman

I am so sick about the government coming up with 700 billion money to bail out failed banks and whatever. I am having to live in a budget and I don’t expect To get a handout. I ran across the quote and feel the big money spending System in Washington should get this message.
“Borrowing money is like wetting your bed in the middle of the night. At first all you fell is warmth and release. But very very quickly comes the awful, cold discomfort of reality”

I also think it sticks as well.

Claudia @ Married to Politics

I'm not an economics wiz, but this looks like it would be a great idea for at least some of the problem we are facing. It would be a good start, and I'd jump on the chance to take our retirement money and invest it in real estate.

Della Quashie

That very good idea. That would help those of us who are getting close to retirement to invest some of our 401k funds to good use. Thanks for the great idea.

Diana Williams

What a excellent idea to use the resources we already have to solve our problem. It's simple, but could really work. Love it!

Shelly Pierce

This sounds great Jim! Shelly

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