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March 26, 2009


Saul Alaniz

Well PRESIDENT BUSH kept us safe, I hope President Obama, when it comes to keep us safe, doesn't just sign present.

Nancy Robinson

Jim, I don't believe that George W. Bush should lower himself to slinging mud with our new president. Our country is full of intelligent people just letting Obama dig his own hole. He has become a product of what works but only because we were silent. Placing blame on the Republicans and Bush, albeit unwarranted in many areas given the Dems control in Washington, got him elected. Promising free stuff with nothing in return, got him elected. Ignorance of pure competition and free enterprise got him elected. He may have looked like he knew what he was doing to some, but to others, it is very apparent that the man has never owned a business or been in any leadership position in his life.

So, now there is no reason for him to keep on placing blame,etc. he is already elected. The only reason now for him to continue to pass the buck is because he is too weak to take it on his own shoulders or he is already looking to get elected again...either way, he is on a slippery slope. Every time I hear him mention the former administration, I wonder when he is going to grow up. He gains disrespect by the hour, and he doesn't need George W. Bush to point it out.

I would encourage everyone to stand up and be heard on April 15th which is AFA's TEA (Taxed Enough Already)Party.

Thanks for creating this group! I think it will bring out some very interesting discussion!




I agree that President Obama has continuously reminded us of what he has "inherited". Strange, past failures inherited in the business world are not allowed to be dwelt upon;it is the resolution that gets the focus. Will President Bush respond? Although it would make us feel better I suppose, I doubt it. I believe he wouldn't stoop to the level of justifying himself. He knows where his justification comes from. However, it grieves me at the lack of respect for President Bush. No one knows what he dealt with when those Twin Towers came down. When was the last time a President had to deal with an attack on our own soil? It is easy to forget everything that was accomplished successfully and to criticize when you never have been in those shoes. Who is to say that if someone else had been President during this time in history, that the outcome wouldn't have been worse?

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