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October 07, 2009


Paul Nickel

As an FAA manager, I have attended CMEL as well, and I can tell you it's no resort. It is a former hotel (2 stars at best) that was converted to a conference and training center. It saves thousands of dollars by consolidating required agency training in a central location rather than sending trainers all over the country (we have hundreds of small offices) which is normal corporate practice. University-level classes run all day and evenings are usually spent collaborating on projects or keeping up with work back home. There is an okay pool and some bikes you can check out to get some exercise while you are away from home. Sorry, no scandal here.

James Paris

So, you are saying that they must have a resort with a swimming pool, hotel rooms, flat screen TV's, and a TV studio. It looks and sounds like a very luxurious place, not something that our tax money should be paying for. Perhaps a great place for a vacation....

T. Carnes

It's to bad you make comments and try to stir up trouble about things you aren't fully informed about. I've been to
CMEL at Palm Coast. It appears to be a converted hotel/motel that the goverment aquired. The students learn skills that can't be taught in their facilities. With only one or two management trainees at a single facility and you can't have a effect class. By the way its a 20 minute drive to the coast after paying a toll to cross the intercoastal waterway.

A retired Front Line Manager

Scot Wheeler

You have got to be kiding me! How long has this been going on? I will pass this info on to everyone I can. Thanks Jim.

Ronald Sneed

Goverment waste and we have to pay for it.

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