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October 16, 2009



what about purgery. or does the president of the most powerful country,an ivy league graduate,have the right to claim ignorance of his origin.

Judy Srnec

Sounds like she has documentation to support her allegation, enough to gain the attention of the California judicial branch. I have wondered about this all along, the fact that this subject was even brought up and continues to appear as a point of interest, says something to its validity, otherwise, why wasn't it nixed immediately. I am sorry the citizens of our country have taken this matter so lightly, and someone from the former Soviet Union is the one putting so much effort into this. I also think at this point nothing will come of it, but at least she did something. I think it is a legitimate concern, and kudos to her for stepping up and not just walking away like everyone else. Thank you!

Amanda Odatuwa


Geekmom - Obama Do Not Sign This!

I wish it would happen before he is up to sign that treaty in December. Scary stuff.

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